2015 General Assembly Results

Furnishings at a Virginia State Park

Interior of a cabinHi to all,

The 2015 Legislative Session is rapidly drawing to a close. The budget conferees have agreed on a budget and have issued a conference report. The full Assembly is expected to vote on the conference report today and the assumption is that it will be approved. From our perspective, a quick recap of the overall results would be “good news, bad news”.

First, the bad news. The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Compensation and Retirement once again tabled our VaLORS bill – SB 692.

Now, the good news. And, the good news is pretty spectacular. This was one of our best years in a long time in terms of state park system dollars.

As you know, the Governor included $2.24 million in his budget for initial development of Seven Bends State Park . This provision was retained in the conference report.

Our proposed amendments met much success. While the amounts approved do not always match the amounts requested, most of our issues were addressed in part or in total. Here’s a quick recap of what was approved:

Other issues that we actively supported also did well. Here’s a quick recap of those:

Thank you for your input to legislative members supporting the state park system needs. Without your inputs, the successes outlined above would not have been possible!

Please be assured that your continuing support for Virginia ’s parks is greatly appreciated!


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