VAFP President Tim Kennell sent the following call to action out to all VAFP members on 2/20:

Good day all!

I am sending out a call to action to all VAFP members today because we need YOUR HELP!

Senate Bill SB790 VaLors remains ALIVE. It cleared the Senate on a 40 - 0 vote and has been referred to the House Committee on Appropriations for review and passage.

PLEASE REACH OUT to the House Appropriations Members NOW to show your support of SB790.

SB790 adds DCR's Conservation Officers to the Virginia Law Officers Retirement System. After nearly 20 years of advocacy, VaLors has its best chance of passing!

Two versions of the House Appropriations Members' contact information are available for your convenience. If you have Microsoft Excel, download this version so you can easily cut and paste email addresses. Otherwise, use the PDF version.


Thank you for YOUR SUPPORT of the Virginia State Parks Law Enforcement Officers.


Virginia Association for Parks


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