Folks, we’re holding a “very hot one" today!


SB1480 VaLORS (the inclusion of our Conservation Officers in the Virginia Law Enforcement Retirement System) has been fully endorsed by the Virginia Senate on a 40 - 0 unanimous Vote .....


SB1480 has now been transferred to the Virginia House of Delegates, House Appropriations Committee, Compensation and Retirement subcommittee (Delegate Poindexter, Chair) for approval.


It is CRITICAL that our membership reach out IN SUPPORT of this extremely important legislation and that all committee members be contacted!


TODAY, RIGHT NOW, is the BEST opportunity in years to support our Virginia State Parks Conservation Officers.


Click here for the one pager that will give you as many talking points as you need to speak on behalf of the bill. In addition, click here for the Appropriations Committee members contact information, and their Chairperson, Delegate Jones.


WRITE and/or CALL NOW! You can make a HUGE difference by doing so! Check your emails often for future updates on our historic 32 budget amendments.


Senate Bill 1480 is contingent on funding to support the bill. The amendment numbers are:


Senate Budget Amendment Item 474 #20s, Senator Deeds, patron

Senate Budget Amendment for Implementation 486 #1s, Senator Deeds, patron

House Budget Amendment Item 474 #6h, Delegate Kilgore, patron

House Budget Amendment Item 474 #7h. Delegate Austin, patron


As always, thank you for your support for Virginia State Parks.


Tim Kennell, President

Virginia Association for Parks



Fall 2018 Basic Law Enforcement Certification Graduates


Use the links below to paste in your browser if clicking the links above do not get you to the documents.


VaLORS one pager:


House Appropriations Committee:

Your voice for Virginia's parks.